About Us

Family health ok.com was started in 2005 in kerala, the Ayurvedic hub of India, to promote the message of authentic Ayurveda, universally. Since then, creating pure herbal & Ayurvedic products according to authentic prescriptions has been the unique purpose of the brand.
Family health ok .com creates the complete natural remedy. We create Authentic Ayurvedic products, using original, time-tested, balanced prescriptions.
Our treatments are 100% natural and use the highest quality of natural ingredients. This means - No artificial colours. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemicals or other harmful additives. All our herbal products are approved by Kerala State Drugs Control Department. Our partner is an original Ayurvedic institution, the respected ALPHA AYURVEDIC PHARMACEUTICALS, with Ayurvedic clinics all over kerala. CARE KERALAM LTD - one of the NABL accredited testing center in Kerala approved by the Department of ayush government of india & department of Science and Technology - ensure strict quality control, tested effectiveness and the highest standards of research and development, while following and expanding ancient Ayurvedic texts

Vision & Mission
  • To produce and market herbal & ayurvedic medicines which are cost effective, weigh high on quality and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To keep on providing new age solutions for the healthcare industry.
  • To delight consumers with globally admired herbal & Ayurvedic products and services that deliver quality & wellness.
  • To make ayurveda the ultimate solution for all health problems.
  • To make herbal & ayurvedic medicines more accessible to the common man.
  • To add a new lease of life for ayurveda and also make it emerge as most powerful form of medicine.
  • To provide new solutions for the age-old and new disorders and diseases by comprehensive Research and Development work.
  • To develop markets worldwide with an in-depth and long-term approach, maintaining at each step the highest ethical standards.