• Deva Dhathu, A Revolutionary Ayurvedic Product from Family Health Ok Cures Sexual Dysfunctions And Erection Problems Without Any Side Affects

    Available in the form of capsules and powder, Deva Dhathu can cure sexual dysfunctions like pre-mature ejaculation and help extend coitus timing. Without any side effects, it is a 100% natural way to attain long lasting and happy relations.

    Kochi, India (18-September-2015)—Family Health Ok, the online arm of Alpha Pharmaceuticals has developed a no-side effect, Ayurvedic natural remedy to cure sexual dysfunctions and erection problems. Masculine problems like premature ejaculation and short time in bed have been a worrisome issue since a very long time, and on it the side effects one has to cope up that comes with random, low grade medicines.

    Across the barriers of national boundaries, sexual problems have been one of the biggest reason why most couples tend to call their relations off. Not able to find any sustainable solution, the frustration in the relation builds up and causes them to seek extreme means. Chemically made drugs, like viagra which offer to cure sexual dysfunctions have immediate negative side effects. They cause dizziness, flushing, upset stomachs and in extreme cases and over use, colour blindness and deteriorated eye sight.

    Family Health Ok’s Deva Dhathu is available in the form of capsules and powder, in various sizes. It is formulated on the tenets of Vrishya chikitsa of Ayurveda, which offers means to improve the progeny. Deva Dhathu shows immediate positive results and makes the consumer sexually exhilarated and sexually potent. Cures premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and rejuvenates libido. Orders can be placed by just logging on to the website and selecting the desired product.

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