Ayur Diabet Capsule-A Powerful Combination of Ayurvedic Herbs Against Diabetes. 60 NOS

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  • Lowers Elevated Blood Sugar
  • Rectify Accompanying Problems of a Diabetic like Fatigue, Joint Pains and Vision
  • Approved by Kerala State Drug Control Department
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AyurDiabet Capsule is the refined form of AyurDiabet powder with Increased potency which gives Effective Results in a very short period of time .AyurDiabet Capsule has been developed for ease of use, now one can carry the capsules even when they are on their travels or have to be away from home for long periods of times.

The extracts of the same effective ayurvedic herbs used in the powder form have been encapsulated, so that one can swallow the capsule as prescribed in the leaflets accompanying the bottle

A powerful combination of ayurvedic herbs, AyurDiabet Capsule has a telling curative effect on most of the accompanying problems of a diabetic, like fatigue, joint pains, vision, etc. Ayur diabet is a nutritious natural preparation having no side effects


How Ayur Diabet works ?

The key ingredients of Ayur Diabet specifically counters Diabetes and it’s related Diseases.

They are:

Circuma longa


                ·        Counters Inflammation in Diabetes  

                ·        Reduces activity of enzymes and Proteins that mediate inflammation.

                ·        Anti-Oxidative                                             

                ·        Reduces Oxidative Stress.

                ·        Anti-Hyperglycemic                                    

                ·        Stimulates Insulin Production

                ·        Improve Sensitivity to Insulin                                        

                ·        Repair and Regenerate Pancreas Cell

                ·        Reverses PreDiabetes

Strychnos potatorum


·        Lowers Elevated Blood Sugar

·        The Decoction of the seed of Strychnos with Circuma helps in Reducing Blood Sugar Level


Salacia prinoides         

·        High Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Hyperglycemic & Anti-Oxidant Properties

·        Reduces Oxidative Stress.

·        Stimulates Insulin Production



                ·        Amla also contains chromium, a mineral that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and may make the body more responsive to insulin, helping to keep blood sugar at healthy levels.

                ·        Decrease blood glucose levels

Glycosmis pentaphylla

                ·        Reduces fasting blood glucose levels

                ·        Counters Inflammation in Diabetes

                ·        Reduces activity of enzymes and Proteins that mediate inflammation.

Why We Recommend Ayur Diabet


·        Ayur Diabet normalizes the sugar level in blood which reduces the chances of heart attack due to high blood pressure and shortage of insulin.

·        AyurDiabet helps to strengthen the small blood vessels and thereby correcting the eye problems.

·        AyurDiabet reduces the intensity of paralysis by pushing up the blood supply to brain and also guards the kidneys from weakness due to increased sugar level and high blood pressure.

·        Sleeplessness will be cured along with the tiredness and weakness if any.

·        The swelling and numbness of the hands and legs, joint pains, muscle pain will be reduced;

·        The urinary complaints and the stomach disorders will be normalized in 14 days.



2 Capsules daily Twice  1 hour After Breakfast and Dinner.


             1        What is Ayur Diabet?

A powerful combination of ayurvedic herbs, AyurDiabet Powder has a telling curative effect on most of the accompanying problems of a diabetic, like fatigue, joint pains, vision, etc

            2.      How to consume Ayur diabet?

2 Capsules daily Twice  1 hour After Breakfast and Dinner.

3.      Where can I get ayur diabet?

Ayur Diabet is available in all medical shops throughout Kerala. You can also order it online here

            4.      I am taking Insulin injection daily , should I continue that while taking Ayur Diabet?

Patients using Insulin or other medicines should continue the same along with Ayur Diabet. Check the Fasting Blood Sugar level after 21 days and if the Fasting Blood Sugar level has reduced to below 150, then one can reduce the Insulin intake by half the dosage. After subsequent 21 days, if Fasting Blood Sugar level is constant below 150, insulin or other medicines can be reduced to one time a day. Gradually they can discontinue all other medicines and continue with just Ayur Diabet and diet control. Once your Fasting Blood Sugar level is under control, you can reduce the intake of Ayur Diabet also to just one teaspoon per day in the night.

             5.      If I take Ayur Diabet, do I have to watch my Diet?

Unfortunately, medication alone cannot adequately control blood glucose levels & keep you in the best health. Eating appropriate meal in daily foods at regular meal times is an important part of diabetes management & control.

            6.      Can  I take Ayur Diabet  if I skip a meal?

Yes you can take Ayur Diabet  if you skip a meal. Although we suggest you not to skip any meals and to always keep a healthy diet.

            7.      Should I take Ayur diabet with milk or water?

               Ayur Diabet Should be Taken with Boiled Water.

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