Deva Dhathu - 100% Natural Ayurvedic Remedy For Sexual Dysfunction & Erection Problems, Natural Way For Stronger And Long Lasting Relations- 10 Nos

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  • A very good ayurvedic remedy for sexual dysfunction
  • It will solve premature ejaculation problems and give extended timing
  • 100% natural way for stronger and long lasting relations without any side effects
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Deva Dhathu capsule is to solve the problems of premature ejaculation and it is a good solution to achieve extended timing for sexual activities. It enhances strength,stamina and thereby strong erection.. Devadhathu capsule is very effective for elevating blood flow to sexual organs. As a result, the users get more energetic and can enjoy prolonged sexual activities. In normal conditions, results can be felt in 4 to 5 days.The product is approved by kerala state drugs control department. Each batch is strictly tested in NABL accredited laboratories for quality evaluation. No side effects have been reported so far and no food restrictions needed.

Customer Reviews

  • Good safe product

    I have had a lot of experience in using such products and i must say Deva Danthu especially the capsules are safe and easy to use.In my opinion there were no negative side effects .You will see the results in about 3 to 5 days.

  • Loved this product

    I liked using this product.This product was very good ,i would say this product is very dependable herbal remedy which improves the blood circulation throughout the body.I was able to see the results within about 5 days.

  • This product was great

    i used this product at least 2 times in the last month and i think i can safely say that there were no side effects.I could see remarkable differences within just 5 days of consumption.Highly recommend this product .